Sleeping Cots

With Teton camping cots, you can sleep well while camping. Made from aluminium/steel, you can lay down without worrying about cot getting bends. Choose the most suitable cot:
  • Teton Adventurer 
  • Teton Outfitter XXL
  • Universal X-Leg Camp
Teton Adventurer Cot

It is s steel framed cot that can be set-up easily and will come within your budget. These are very sturdy and come with a steel frame and support up to 450 pounds spread evenly.  You can fold it which brings the desired portability. They are meant for a single person and set-up in no time.

Teton Outfitter XXL 
If you are looking for a cot that is meant for couples or over sized people, then it is meant for you.  It can hold several pounds without sagging and bending. The cot is portable and can be carried easily in a carrying case with a shoulder strap. The cot supports up to 600 pounds.

Universal X-Leg Camp
It is a cot with an aluminium frame with steel legs which you can set-up easily. It is meant to support 400 lbs. and comes with a durable carrying case.

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Teton Outfitter XXL Cot 120
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Teton Adventurer Cot
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Univesal X-Leg Camp Cot (2 Pack)
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Teton Universal Sleeping Pad
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